It's time to experience sensationally comfortable showers.

Angel Air

As experts in water processing technology, we set out to create the most comfortable shower imaginable. The solution lies in generating large water drops, packed with microbubbles. These microbubbles envelop your body, cleansing your skin as they pop and wash away. With AngelAir showerheads, your showers become moments of daily enrichment and an essential part of your wellness regimen. Through our products, we create sensationally comfortable showers.

Product Line

AngelAir Series

AngelAir Bijet

This large (11 cm wide) showerhead generates microbubbles that thoroughly cleanse your body from head to toe. With its seamless design, the AngelAir Bijet creates a luxurious showering experience.

AngelAir Premium

AngelAir Premium is the only showerhead in Japan that lets you seamlessly switch between Microbubble and Water-Saving modes. Microbubble Mode provides an esthetic shower experience that gently lifts and removes dirt from your skin, while Water-Saving Mode generates a stream of water that is pleasant to the touch.

AngelAir Pure

With a built-in water purification cartridge, the AngelAir Pure removes chlorine from your shower water. The result: a microbubble shower that gently removes dirt from your body while minimizing damage to your skin and hair.

AngelAir Beat

In response to customer requests for a more powerful shower experience, this model generates higher pressure by adding large air bubbles to your shower water. The AngelAir Beat generates a rhythmic, pulsating water flow that creates a massage-like effect on your skin.

AngelAir×Swarovski〈Laox Special Edition〉

Based on the AngelAir Premium, this luxurious microbubble showerhead is embedded with 107 extravagant Swarovski crystals. This limited-edition showerhead is part of an exclusive collaboration with Laox, a renown consumer electronics retailer in Japan.

Cleansing Power

More microbubbles means more cleansing power in your shower.

Microbubbles absorb and remove makeup, oil and other impurities from your skin. Compared to conventional showerheads, AngelAir products generate 15 times as many microbubbles.

Heat Retention

Water infused with bubbles helps your skin retain heat, even after you step out of the shower.

The bubbles in a typical showerhead cool easily. However, we’ve adjusted the size of the holes in AngelAir showerheads to create a shower spray that doesn’t lose heat before reaching your body. Water droplets filled with large bubbles bounce across your skin, promoting blood circulation and creating a massage-like sensation.

Ecology and Health

Water conservation without compromise: enjoy the luxurious sensation of an ample flow of hot water

By infusing shower water with bubbles, AngelAir showerheads conserve water without compromising the sensational comfort generated by ample water pressure. The microbubbles that coat your skin will relax your mind and body, promoting a healthy sense of wellbeing.

EfficacyThe AngelAir difference

Microbubbles improve your skin tone by absorbing and removing dirt

Microbubbles, which have a larger volume and surface area than nanobubbles, float on your skin. They clean out pores and remove leftover makeup. With their superior cleaning power, microbubbles help maintain healthy skin while protecting its natural barrier function.

AngelAir shower water locks in heat, even as it passes from the showerhead to your body.

Additionally, the bubbles in the water droplets stimulate blood circulation and keep the body warm, even after showering. Some of our customers have stated that AngelAir shower water retains a comfortable warmth, despite lowering temperature settings by 1°C. 

Cuts water consumption by 50% without compromising the high-water-pressure sensation you desire

Conserve water without sacrificing the exhilarating sensation of showering. We’ve designed a showerhead that cuts water consumption while maintaining a powerful stream of hot water. AngelAir showerheads are as gentle on your finances as they are on your skin.

Customer Reviews

Improved Lather and Silky Skin

If you take a microbubble shower before using shampoo or body soap, you’ll notice a unique warming effect. It seems to take a little longer for my body to start cooling down after I turn off the shower. After that, when I wash my body, the soap lathers wonderfully. I can see that dirt is thoroughly removed just by showering. My skin feels smooth and silky, as if I took a bath, even though I don’t soak in the tub during the summer. Washing takes less time than ever before.

Increased Satisfaction with My Bath

I never expected that changing my showerhead would increase my satisfaction with bathing so much. It is as satisfying and refreshing as taking a bath in a hot spring. My hair is smooth, my skin is silky, and I am happy to be able to remove my makeup and wash my face. I take care of my skin daily, but even my husband, who has no such routine, now has smoother, more beautiful skin. As the product description says, I now feel pleasantly warm when I take a shower.

It’s My Favorite

My skin feels so much better since I started using this showerhead. I think it is because I am getting rid of dirt on my skin that I wasn’t able to remove before (I guess individual results may vary, though). The showerhead’s sound, which I was initially concerned about, isn’t much different from a typical showerhead. I have no issues with weight or grip. I think it’s a little expensive, but I’m still glad I bought it.


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