Bijet - The perfect combination of hot water and a massage Bijet - The perfect combination of hot water and a massage

AngelAir Bijet

The Bijet’s seamless shape makes it easy to keep clean. Despite its size, the Bijet is light and easy to use, generating a shower spray that covers your entire body from head to toe. By generating large amounts of microbubbles, this showerhead provides a deep-cleaning effect. The Bijet received the Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Choose the Bijet if you:

- Enjoy a high-flow shower
- Need a showerhead that your whole family can enjoy
- Appreciate a showerhead with a refined design

Bijet Features

A large yet lightweight showerhead that’s easy to handle

The Bijet is lightweight and easy to use, weighing only170g despite having being larger than a typical showerhead. It’s slim and stylish: 15mm at its thinnest point.

A luxurious, seamless design

The Bijet earned the 2019 Good Design award as the industry’s first showerhead with a seamless design. Without joints on the surface, the body of this showerhead is dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

A wide shower spray that covers your entire body

The Bijet’s large, flat head enabled us to adjust the size and placement of the sprinkler holes to create a shower that will gently and thoroughly cover your body from head to toe.

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Premium Beauty, and a lot of care Premium Beauty, and a lot of care

AngelAir Premium

This is the only showerhead in Japan that lets you seamlessly switch between Microbubble and Water-Saving modes. Microbubble Mode provides an esthetic shower experience that gently lifts and removes dirt from your skin, while Water-Saving Mode generates a stream of water that is pleasant to the touch.

Choose AngelAir Premium if:

- Showers are part of your beauty regimen
- You want to save water while showering

AngelAir Premium Features

Double your enjoyment: switch modes with the simple flick of your finger

Water-saving Mode emits airy bubbles to increase water pressure while simultaneously conserving water. Microbubble Mode thoroughly cleanses your skin.

Great for your face: dense and gentle water pressure that won’t damage your skin

Optimal water pressure comfortably and gently removes dirt while preserving your skin’s natural barrier function. This gentle force won’t damage keratin, an essential component of your skin.

Your private beauty salon: promoting skincare and blood circulation

Choose Microbubble Mode to remove dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp and pores. Or, use Water-Saving Mode to stimulate blood circulation with powerful water droplets.

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ピュア 浄水機能付きだから敏感な肌にも優しい ピュア 浄水機能付きだから敏感な肌にも優しい

AngelAir Pure

With a built-in water purification cartridge, the AngelAir Pure removes chlorine—which damages your hair and skin—from your shower water. This showerhead produces a gentle spray, ideal for those concerned about dry hair, babies with sensitive skin, and people with dermatitis.

Choose AngelAir Pure if:

- You suffer from dry hair, dandruff, and itchiness
- You have sensitive skin or suffer from skin irritation

AngelAir Pure Features

Includes a chlorine-removing water purification cartridge

AngelAir Pure’s built-in water purification cartridge removes residual chlorine from tap water, providing a chlorine-free shower along with highly concentrated microbubbles.

A gentle shower for sensitive and atopic skin

Chlorine breaks down and oxidizes skin proteins, reducing the skin’s moisture retention and barrier capabilities. AngelAir Pure removes chlorine and creates a gentle shower for people with sensitive skin or those suffering from various skin conditions.

Protects hair cuticles from chlorine and reduces dryness

Chlorinated water breaks down and oxidizes hair cuticles (proteins), making them dry. By removing chlorine, AngelAir Pure keeps your hair healthy.

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ビジェット たっぷりのお湯を浴びたい方へ ビジェット たっぷりのお湯を浴びたい方へ

AngelAir Beat

We developed the Beat in response to customers who wanted a more powerful shower experience with higher water pressure. By adding larger air bubbles, we created a more vigorous spray while conserving water by up to 50%. The airy bubbles burst on contact, providing you with a pleasant sensation, while highly concentrated microbubbles gently cleanse your skin.

Choose the Beat if you:

- Enjoy long showers
- Prioritize water conservation

AngelAir Beat Features

Two types of bubbles work together to provide a thorough cleansing and a lavish hot-water showering experience

This is the only model in our product range that combines large, airy bubbles and microbubbles in a single spray. These two types of bubbles coexist to provide you with a thorough cleansing and the luxurious feeling of ample hot water. We’ve created an effect so convincing, you won’t even notice that you’re actually conserving water.

The highest water pressure in our entire product line: created for those who prefer more power in their shower

With the strongest water pressure in our entire product line, the Beat generates airy bubbles that are forcefully propelled by blasts of air. At the same time, this showerhead is highly water-efficient, making it a budget-friendly option.

Rhythmic showering provides a pleasant massaging effect

The Beat rhythmically sprays dense, powerful streams and sparse, soft streams of water. This creates a massaging effect and keeps you warm, even after you step out of the shower.

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