After opening the package, please check that all the following items are present.
If any of the following items are missing or different parts are enclosed, please contact the retailer that you purchased the product from or use the inquiry form on this website.

Product Contents

  • Showerhead x 1
  • Three adapters (K, M, G) x 1 each
  • O-ring (used for M and G) x 1
  • Adapter G is pre-attached to the showerhead

How to Install the Showerhead

  1. (1)Twist off your existing showerhead
  2. (2) Attach the AngelAir showerhead to the hose
  3. * Typical hoses can be attached without using an adapter.
    * Using tools or screwing the showerhead on at an angle may crush the threads and prevent a smooth connection.

If you have trouble removing the existing showerhead, we recommend using rubber gloves. Depending on your shower manufacturer, you may need to use one of the adapters included with your AngelAir showerhead. Please refer to the next section for details.

Using Adapters

No Adapter required:

  • ・TOTO
  • ・SAN-EI
  • ・INAX
  • ・LIXIL
  • ・Kakudai

Adapter K*:

  • ・KVK

*Without using Adapter K, your AngelAir showerhead may suddenly disconnect after a few months of use.

Adapter M:

  • ・MYM(thick hose)

Adapter G*:

  • ・Gastar (Tokyo Gas)
  • ・INAX
  • *Cannot be used with balanced flue boilers

Other Applications

  • For some Rinnai, Noritsu, Mizutani, and Osaka Gas products, please check compatibility at your local home improvement center, and purchase a separate adapter: Part No. PT-250-9, manufactured by SANEI; Part No. 9358R, manufactured by KAKUDAI.
  • If your AngelAir showerhead is correctly installed, with the screws properly aligned, but water leaks from the hose connection, replace the O-ring with the one from your previous showerhead.
  • If you have a special showerhead with an integrated hose or a connection that does not fit, please replace the hose.


The minimum water pressure required for AngelAir to generate microbubbles is 0/007 MPa or higher. Please check your water pressure before installation.

Please use water that conforms to water supply standards. Well water, etc., may clog the spigot.
Do not use hot water above the showerhead’s heat-resistance rating (60°C). Doing so may cause damage, deformation, or resin discoloration. For showers with manual temperature adjustments, use cold water first and then add hot water to adjust the temperature to your liking.